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Taxation is not compatible with freedom. The goal should be to move toward a system that funds government from user fees instead of taxes. The framers were very aware of this, but could not see a way to adequately fund government without some taxation. However, they wisely installed several impediments to abusive taxation, the most significant being found in Article I, Section 2. It reads, in part, "Representatives and direct taxes shall be apportioned among the several states."

This clause prevented the Congress from extracting a progressive income tax until 1913, when the 16th Amendment was (allegedly) adopted. The income tax is one of the most important factors in the transformation of the United States from the prosperous, liberty focused, vibrant nation of the late 1800s to the debt ridden, conquest focused, lethargic nation of today.

It has been the catalyst for the United States to be in two world wars, dozens of other small and large conflicts around the globe, and for today having a military presence in over 130 countries. In short, it has made us an unmanageable empire.

It has been the source of pork barrel spending by Congressmen for decades, and gives Congress an absolute power over their constituents. Along with the Federal Reserve, it empowers Congress to spend money on anything it chooses without concern about how to fund it. In the long term, these spending acts are completely unsustainable.

It has given bureaucrats unbridled power over the sovereign people, and corrupted the concept of due process. It has conflicted the judiciary.

The 16th Amendment must be repealed, and the income tax abolished forever. It should be replaced with nothing.

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