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Government Brutality

By Greg Samples


The tragedy in Memphis this month was a terrible event. However, let us put it in perspective. Five police officers lost control of their emotions and beat a man to death. It is fitting and proper that the news media has given this event the attention it deserves. Yet they have ignored, and in many cases perpetuated, murder on a much grander scale.

In any segment of society there are going to be bad actors. There are brutal police officers, teachers who sexually assault children, doctors who are paid drug dealers, and preachers who steal from their congregations. But the worst lot are politicians who make ALLEGED laws that enable such bad actors.

1. The drug laws, and any alleged law against nonviolent, non larcenous behavior, gives police officers the supposed authority stop a car or invade a home. Repeal them all now.

2. Civil asset forfeiture laws give police incentive to detain people with no evidence of violence or larceny. Police lobby groups pressure legislatures to retain them. They are unconstitutional and violate the 14th Amendment, among others. Repeal them all now.

3. Qualified immunity laws give police and judges protection from harmful activity that is not deserved. Repeal them all now.

4. Compulsory education laws and medical requirements for attendance allow the government to interfere with the mental and physical health of children which always carries over into adulthood. Repeal them all now, and eliminate the Department of Education.

5. The CDC, FDA, and NIH have demonstrated gross negligence, incompetence and corruption with regard to human health. These agencies are revolving doors for executives in the pharmaceutical industry. Repeal them all and charge the perpetrators with misprision of felony for any role they had in promoting the harm done by Big Pharma.

6. Actors in the State Department, along with other members of the Executive branch have committed war crimes in various foreign countries resulting in the death of millions. Charge them all with murder in the 1st degree.

7. Actors in the Defense Department, along with other members of the Executive branch, have funneled money into companies that make arms for sheer profit exceedingly beyond what is needed for national defense. Charge them all with fraud.

8. Executives in pharmaceutical companies have KNOWINGLY marketed products that have harmed and killed millions worldwide. Charge them with murder.

9. Executives in media and social networking have knowingly withheld information from the public which would have saved millions of lives of those who were victims of the pharmaceutical companies. Charge them with misprision of felony.

Until we get serious about ALL violence, especially that perpetrated by national government, our indignation about a singe violent event rings hollow.

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