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A New Constitution
A Blueprint for the Liberation of Humanity

By Greg Samples
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Chapter 6: Article 7 - The People

Article Seven

Section 1
All persons born on the land within the Confederation of Free States are citizens thereof, and of the State in which they reside. Citizens shall have privilege of access to all government services, including the courts, and shall have the privilege to vote upon reaching the age of 18 years.

Section 2
Citizens may, by sworn statement before a judiciary, resign from citizenship and thereby surrender their privileges. All individuals who resign from citizenship shall maintain all human rights and all Constitutional rights with regard to criminal prosecution. Citizens and Non-citizens who were born on the land may not be deported. Non-citizens who seek access to government services shall pay a fee to be determined by Congress or the appropriate State governments.

Section 3
Children shall have all the rights of any other citizen, except as otherwise noted in this Constitution. Children shall be considered to have reached the age of consent at the attainment of their eighteenth birthday. Until this time, they shall be known as minors and not able to enter into contracts, or give consent to acts performed upon their persons by others. However, upon reaching the age of fourteen, they may, by sworn statement before a judiciary, announce their resignation of minority and thereby assume all the rights and responsibilities of majority, except the right to vote. Children shall not need, however, to have reached the age of fourteen in order to have the same legal access to the courts as adults, including resolution of abuse or neglect by their parents.

In cases pertaining to the custody of children, in the absence of abuse or neglect, if joint custody by both natural parents is not agreeable, the child shall maintain the right to choose amongst natural or adoptive parents upon reaching the age of three years. No adult shall be held responsible for any child for which they have been denied any parental rights unless the denial is the result of court order following criminal conviction.

Section 4
Parents shall maintain in all cases the right to raise their minor children in the manner they deem best in all matters, including but not limited to religion, education, medicine, and philosophy. However, children shall be protected from the commission upon them by their parents of serious crimes, as previously defined in this Constitution. In cases of adoption, the choosing of adoptive parents shall lie solely with the birth parents or their designated agent, except in case of serious crimes or neglect committed against the child by the parent, and provided that the birth parents receive no remuneration from the adoptive parents.

Section 5
Whereas it is unknown the precise moment when human life begins, and whereas the individual is sovereign over their behavior except to the extent that it compromises the sovereignty of other individuals, the human rights of the unborn fetus beyond the first trimester of pregnancy shall not be abridged.

Section 6
It shall be each State’s purview to determine whether or not to provide public education. However, if a State does decide to provide public education, it shall do so in a manner which provides equal distribution of resources to all public education students at a particular level.

Section 7
The Congress shall have the power to enact legislation to protect minors from the abuse of child labor.

Chapter 7

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