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A New Constitution
A Blueprint for the Liberation of Humanity

By Greg Samples
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Chapter 4: Article 5 - Elections

Article Five

Section 1
Elections shall be held for President and Vice President within forty-five days of their nomination by Congress. Elections shall be held for Senators and Representatives within thirty days of their nomination. The legislatures of the several states may increase the number of days to hold the election as they so desire up to 15 days before this date, but not after.

Section 2
Every person who is a citizen of the Confederation of Free States and shall have reached the age of 18 years will be afforded one vote by secret ballot in any election for which they will be represented. No citizen shall be denied the privilege of voting for any reason other than not having attained the age of 18 years. However, states shall establish procedures for elections and voter registration in order to prevent fraudulent elections.

Section 3
No office holder or candidate for office of any elected office of the Confederation of Free States, or of the executives and legislatures of the States, or employees thereof, shall receive any title, grant, gift, money, fund, or honoraria, either for personal use or as a campaign contribution, other than a salary as prescribed by law. Acceptance of such shall be treated as bribery and shall be treated as an impeachable offense and grounds for dismissal.

Section 4
No election shall contain ballots which contain any information other than the candidate’s name, and no party affiliation shall be identified on the ballot. There shall be no primary elections held specifically for a political party by any level of government, though political parties may be left to their own design in choosing nominees.

Chapter 5

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