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Universal Life in a Dualistic World

By Greg Samples


We hear today calls for unity everywhere. "We’re all in this together." "One Nation under God." "All for one and one for all." "A house divided against itself cannot stand." It is an idea that is usually just assumed to be a worthy goal, and the motive for such desired scenario is rarely questioned. Yet there lies at the heart of the idea two basic human traits that combine to make the idea of unity unassailable, and simultaneously unattainable.

"Seek unity and you will find neither unity or truth. Seek the light of truth and you will find unity and truth." -C. S. Lewis

The first is our aspiration for peace, love, and friendship. We extend our endearment first to our family, then to the community, then to the region, then to the nation, then to the world. It’s a journey that very few have completed, and there are obstacles at every level which result in uneven paths, for example extending our friendship to parts of a community, but not to all of it. Those obstacles are ingrained in our culture and social life from an early age, as our consciousness is implanted with bias and fallacies from authority figures that we may spend a lifetime trying to overcome. So although we aspire to love and peace, we almost always fall short, especially with those who are unlike ourselves. Yet we instinctively know that extending our hand in friendship is to be naturally human.

The second is our desire to control others. Human beings seek pleasure and avoid pain. Controlling others is one way to achieve that goal, whether the pleasure/pain be on a physical, emotional, mental, social, or economic level. It may be done via manipulation, deception, coercion, or violence, but the goal is always to gain pleasure or relieve pain. Usually, if we can achieve our goals without controlling others, we will choose that path, but virtually everyone will not hesitate to utilize control when the pleasure becomes irresistible or the pain too great. Thus, unity among humans is unattainable, as the desire to control others is the source of all human conflict.

Quantum physics has delivered to us confirmation of an ancient concept, that we are, in fact, all one. The concept of physical matter constructed of atoms has been dismantled with the realization that everything is energy. There is no real physical existence of anything, only vibration, and that vibration is infinitely interconnected. We are not within the infinite, we are the infinite. We are not with God, we are God. But vibrations have different frequencies, and entities with lower frequencies, such as humans, perceive the delusion of physicality, and the delusion of separateness. We are infinite beings experiencing life in a dualistic world. This duality manifests joy and sorrow, love and hate, night and day, plant and animal, male and female, expansion and contraction, space and time, and countless other pairs of opposites.

While we intuitively sense the reality of our oneness, it cannot manifest in the dualistic earth world of elements. To attempt to force it into existence turns joy into sorrow, love into hate, and peace into conflict. Only when we affirm the uniqueness of every individual and respect their right to choose how to experience human life, can we turn sorrow into joy, hate into love, and conflict into peace. That is why we have developed the concept of human rights. Only by acknowledging that every human has the natural right to direct their action by their own free will, restricted only by the necessity of respecting other individuals to do the same, can we ever hope to approach a world of love and peace.

We are infinite beings experiencing life in a dualistic world. As such we must live by the natural laws of dualistic worlds. Those who insist on involuntary unity are no different than rapists, murderers, and tyrants. They are the source of human conflict. War is involuntary unity. Peace is voluntary unity or separateness. This natural law applies at every level of human relations, whether it be a couple, a family, a community, a nation, or international. Harmony is the acknowledgement of the right to decline unity.

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