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Self Assessment

By Greg Samples


Originally published in Everything Knoxville in August, 2015

The diagnostic tools of modern medicine are remarkably useful and valuable. The ability to determine precisely which tasks undertaken by the body are malfunctioning has reached heights even the most imaginative forward thinkers of the past never conceived. Yet long before these technological wonders are able to identify specific conditions or disorders, our own bodies have sent us messages daily that warn us of the coming affliction. These messages can be very subtle, but if you pay close attention you can discover that your direction may need a change.

Fatigue is an indication that either the amount of fuel or oxygen, or both, is insufficient. Of course after a day of labor we need to rest to restore our energy, but persistent, long-lasting fatigue on a daily basis is an indication that we are not properly nourishing ourselves. Often this is masked by the use of stimulants, but if we find it necessary to resort to using stimulants, our longterm health is being undermined. Steady energy is supported by the regular use of complex carbohydrates, chiefly found in whole grains and legumes.

Keen appetite, for both food and life, is an indication of well being. This is not meant to imply that overeating is healthy. Rather, if we have an appetite for the most simple and unprocessed food, we are more likely to prevent becoming ill as we age.

Sleeping deeply allows your body to detoxify itself through the night more efficiently. The more deeply you sleep, the less sleep you will need, and the more refreshed you will feel upon awakening. If you sleep restlessly or intermittently, you can know that your body is retaining toxins which will eventually lead to disease or disorder.

Good memory and judgment are not just agreeable traits to possess. They forecast a life unencumbered by accidents or mistakes that lead to affliction and turmoil. A strong functioning nervous system is dependent upon the consumption of good quality minerals on a regular basis.

Lastly, but perhaps the most revealing, are our emotions. Anger, fear, worry, sadness, mania and other psychological expressions are both the result of and the creators of underlying pathological conditions. As we turn to a more balanced and simple diet, our emotions become more balanced as a result, and in turn the reduction of stress from emotional imbalance enhances our ability to remain healthy.

Modern life is so complicated and chaotic that it can be a challenge to be aware of these daily occurrences and to reflect on them. But if we are able to observe them, then take action when it seems appropriate, we may just be able to avoid the need for those technological marvels.

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