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Racism in America - 2017

By Greg Samples


Racism is a hindrance to human advancement. Gradually, over the centuries, the idea that a particular racial or ethnic group carried with it certain negative qualities has diminished measurably. Yet, the time when each person "will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character" by everyone is probably still well into the future. It has been, accurately in my view, opined that racism is merely a despicable form of collectivism. Humans tend to identify with others that have characteristics similar to themselves regardless of the reasoning or rationale behind it. That racism exists, and will likely continue to exist into the foreseeable future in America, is without doubt.

It should come as no surprise therefore, that a significant portion of the population would find that monuments built as a tribute to those who fought on the losing side in a war that ended slavery are offensive. The fact that there were other worthwhile causes that the South was fighting for is overwhelmed by the sheer depravity of slavery. Yet, the removal of historical reminders of this dark time in America may actually serve to lessen our understanding of the causes that led to one of the most tragic events in American history.

Whether or not monuments are removed from public property is a decision that rests with each locality. Yet their removal will not end racism, in fact it could expand it. More importantly, their removal will have no effect on the most damaging effects of racism today, which exist in the federal and state statutes that enable racism.

Relative to population blacks are much more likely to be a victim of civil asset forfeiture, which is an immoral, unconstitutional violation of property rights. Both the states and the federal government practice this tyranny.

Relative to population blacks are much more likely to experience combat casualty. Meddling by the federal government in the internal affairs of other nations increases the risk.

Relative to population blacks are much more likely to be convicted of drug crimes, even though whites use drugs more often than blacks. This racism exists in both the federal and state judiciaries.

Relative to population blacks are much more likely to have single parent homes, often with the lack of a male role model. This is a direct effect of the unconstitutional drug laws and racist enforcement.

Relative to population blacks are much more likely to experience a routine traffic stop. The drug laws are again a large contributor to this racism that all too often results in unnecessary violence.

Whether or not the monuments come down will not put even a tiny dent in the problem of racism. Only the election of liberty minded candidates who do not want to use government to impose their will on the populace will take us where we hope to be.

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