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Open Letter To Warren Buffett

By Greg Samples


Here are 8 things to do with your money that you want the government to take as taxes. Government tends to waste money and spend it on things that don't work out well, so here are some suggestions for ways you could use your money that would be more effective than giving it to the government.

1. Make new interest free mortgages for people who are about to lose their homes to foreclosure. This would reduce the supply in the housing market and therefore slow the plummeting value of the real estate market.

2. Make interest free loans to college students. This would actually save the government money since they guarantee loans from banks with interest.

3.Fund research into alternative health care. Most alternative and lifestyle methods are not as profitable as conventional health care, so there is no incentive for research for most corporations.

4. Open a chain of health food grocery stores in low income neighborhoods. Most health food stores operate in well-to-do neighborhoods, where there are more educated consumers. Low income areas are less likely to have health insurance, and thus have an even greater need for preventive lifestyles. This could save the government money on health care.

5. Set up a fund for investment with entrepreneurs who have good ideas but little or no capital.

6. Provide scholarships to low income families for private elementary and secondary schools. This would reduce the tax burdens on the state and local governments, and could also provide a culture change for many who are caught in a recurring cycle of dysfunction.

7. Open a truly healthy fast food chain. It won't be as profitable as the hamburger chains, but you're doing this because you want to share the wealth, right?

8. Buy Monsanto. Then reverse their policy of systematically degenerating the world’s food supply.

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