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About Greg Samples

Greg Samples is a native of Knoxville, Tennessee. He holds a Bachelor degree in psychology from the University of Tennessee. In 1985 he adopted a healthier life style and began work as an alternative health counselor in 1988. He has taught and counseled thousands since that time with positive results for almost every common affliction experienced in modern America. He is the author of the Health Freedom Manual, first published in 1998.

Mr. Samples first entered the political scene in 1994, running as an independent candidate for the United States Congress. That first campaign focused on tax reform and the potential of a looming health care crisis. He was chosen to represent the Libertarian Party in the Tennessee U.S. Senate race in 1996, as well as the Congressional race in 1998. He represented the Libertarian Party in campaigns for Congress again in 2010, 2012, and 2018.

A health and freedom advocate for over two decades, Mr. Samples continues to be an advocate for freedom today whenever and wherever he can.

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