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7 Levels of Judgment

The Seven Levels of Judgment is a construct introduced to the modern world by George Ohsawa, and expanded upon by Michio Kushi. We are all moving, at various rates of progress, toward higher consciousness. The way we behave, consume, and experience the world influences the rate of our progression, and also reflects our progress. The chart below can be used as a measure to assess our present state, and also as guide to setting goals which enhance our progress.

Ohsawa saw our food as the foundation of our consciousness, since eating is the most basic thing that we consciously do. The quality of our food greatly influences the state of our consciousness, thus choosing food wisely is the most efficient way of progressing toward higher consciousness. But we are also influenced by everything that we experience in life, so progressing to a higher level in one area tends to pull us upward in other areas as well. Conversely, lagging behind in one area can retard our growth in other areas.

The levels are inclusive of those below. For example, unity of spirit (level 7) does not exclude physical unity (level 1). Eating intuitively (level 7) does not mean one will not experience hunger (level 1).

Difficulties that we experience on one level are what motivates us to move to higher levels. Love and Hate are both on the 3rd level. Unrequited love can inspire us to become more philosophical (level 6). The discomfort we feel from over eating moves us to seek a more agreeable fare. Thus, we can truly be grateful for our difficulties. (level 7)

7th LevelSupremeFreedomSelf Realization, Tao, Satori, Nirvana, Universal Unconditional Love, Grace, Endless GratitudeHappy Being, Fulfills all DreamsEats Anything with Great Pleasure, but Intuitively Chooses the Best FoodSpiritual Death, as in II Kings 2:9-11Unity of Spirit
6th LevelIdeologicalJusticePhilosophy, ReligionThinker, Originator of TheoriesAccording to a Religious or Philosophical PrincipleNaturally, Long Lived Elders with Deep GratitudeUnity of Purpose
5th LevelSocialPeaceEconomy, Morality, EthicsOrganizerConformity, Like the MajorityIdeological, MartyrdomUnity of Communication
4th LevelIntellectualTruthScience, Reason, SystemsVendor of KnowledgeAccording to a Theory of NutritionAccidental, Lack of Clear ForesightUnity of Knowledge
3rd LevelSentimentalLoveLiterature, Poetry, Music, ArtVendor of EmotionGourmetSocial, War or CrimeUnity of Emotion
2nd LevelSensoryDesireConditioned Reflexes, Tools, CraftsVendor of PleasureOver EaterPsychological, SuicideUnity of Desire
1st LevelMechanicalAdaptabilityUnconscious Reflexes, InstinctsSlave, Salaried EmployeeHunger and ThirstBiological SicknessPhysical Unity

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